SWFC vs Huddersfield Town Preview

On Sunday, Wednesday travel to West Yorkshire to face a struggling Huddersfield Town side in what is sure to be a fascinating encounter. What gives that fixture that extra edge is that both sides are under new management – this game offering the manager’s their first chance to show the fans what they are all about. Whilst Wednesday have opted for Garry Monk, the Terriers chose to look further down the pyramid – Danny Cowley being the appointment. As often seen, manager’s tend to have a ‘honeymoon period’ in which results go their way, making this game huge for both coaches.

So, how would I line-up in this all Yorkshire affair?

My Starting XI
















However, with that being said and having spoken to fan’s of Monk’s previous clubs, he tends to favour a 4-4-2 – which would make an even tougher job in picking a midfield.


So, there’s how I feel ahead of Sunday’s fixture but I also spoke to Town fan Neil from the ‘And He Takes That Chance Podcast’ about all things Terriers. Here is what he had to say…


Huddersfield seem to be club in disarray at the minute (despite the impressive appointment of the Cowley brothers), to what extent does it feel like that?

I think ‘disarray’ is over egging it to be honest. ‘Hungover’ I think would be a better description. There was a big transition in the boardroom and on the pitch it was always going to be tricky. It’s time for everyone to back the new chairman now after this exciting appointment. 


What do you make of the decision to employ Danny Cowley as your manager?

Delighted. A very progressive, forward-thinking partnership with his brother, Nicky. I think they are the ideal choice to galvanise a squad that is devoid of any confidence. I love the fact that we went hard for them despite an initial knock back. 


How would you rate Huddersfield’s transfer business in the summer?

Not great to be honest. The two loans, Grabara and Chalobah have been the best of the bunch so far. I expect January to be VERY busy. 


Which player(s) should Wednesday look out for?

I’ve got to say Karlan Grant. He’s still scoring goals despite us being poor so far. I’ll be interested to see how we line up under new regime. 


(Karlan Grant already has 4 goals this campaign. Photo – examinerlive.co.uk)

If you could have any SWFC player at The John Smith’s Stadium, who would it be and why?

I’d have taken Jordan Rhodes back in the summer. If he’s played right he will always score goals. 


What is your prediction for the match?

It’s probably the most unpredictable game of the weekend with two new managers going head to head. Our record at home to Wednesday isn’t great so I’ll go for a change in that : 1-0 Town. 


Although it’s still early days, how do you see the season going for the Terriers?


We need to stabilise and give the Cowley brothers a chance to implement their ideas on the squad. Get up somewhere around mid table with a change of impetus and I think most fans will be happy.


Thanks to Neil for answering the questions. You can follow him on Twitter @BradfordTerrier

You can follow me on Twitter @opinionofanowl

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